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Eating at the Kids’ Table

Posted in Family, inspiration, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on November 24, 2017 by sebland

imageWhen I was a little girl, our family always gathered for Thanksgiving at Uncle Frank and Aunt Ila’s house. They were my father’s uncle and aunt and had this big old house up on a hill near my Granny’s. I remember one year we had 32 friends and family there for dinner. All the kids ate at card tables set up throughout the house. We loved eating together because no adults were watching us, so if we laughed until we snorted soda pop out through our noses, or played jokes on one another, nobody noticed. Those were wonderful fun filled memories.

Now I am one of the elders, and this year my daughter had lots of family for dinner. Since I can choose where I sit, I happily sat at the Kids’ table with three of my grandchildren and their grandfather. The fourth is a father now, and lives too far away to be with us. These other three “kids” are all grown with lives of their own and it’s a rare treat to be with them. These same babies that I fed and changed and loved through the years made time to come and share their lives with me and their Papaw. What a joy it was to hear their stories, laugh with them and feel the love surrounding us. My thankfulness extends to their parents, who make these holidays special for our family. Sitting around that table, missing those who couldn’t be there, my heart was full. Keeping  the family traditions takes work, planning and dedication. I’m so grateful to be a part of this endless circle of love. I hope you had a happy day also.

A Walk in the Woods

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imageAs much as I look forward to a cool autumn, it just hasn’t made an appearance. In fact, our deck is not at all appealing, with the temperature reaching ninety three degrees this afternoon. The joy of being an artist is that I can go to the beach, create a snow scene, or remember with fondness a special morning near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Driving down the mountain, I was caught up in the moment by the light shining through the brush beneath the trees. We stopped and took some photos, and I just couldn’t wait to capture this setting. It’s still one of my favorite memories. I hope you enjoy this one also. I like to remind my students  to hang onto those memories. They’ll come back to bless you when you need them the most!

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