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Little Grains of Sand

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imageI believe at some point all of us have asked the question: “What difference does it make?” Maybe someone disagreed with that great idea you had. Or the opinion you just expressed was shouted down. There’s a lot of that going around. A writer may have just gotten the rejection slip on the novel that took months to write. Your dearest friend didn’t like the color of the sky on the painting you just finished. Like a deflated balloon, poof! You’ve been shot down. I believe that only those who never try will not share that experience. If you want to smell the sweet smell of success, you must surely inhale your share of failures. Just as little grains of sand wash out to sea, so also are they carried back in with the tide. And they make a difference. Maybe they become an island or a sandbar, or a castle for a happy child to build. Those little grains of sand have no idea which crab might build a house among them, but they have a reason for being. So do you. Whether you are growing okra or zucchini to share with your neighbors or teaching Sunday School, buying groceries for a neighbor or making a beautiful piece of art, your time and talents make the world a brighter place. Try to remember that. You are here for a reason. In some way, every day, you do make a difference . Enjoy that thought!

An Attitude of Gratitude

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image.jpegHurricane Harvey has moved on and is now dealing misery to those folks over east of us. We on the dry side are wiping our brows, happy to have dodged the bullet. Many of our friends and loved ones are not so fortunate. Recovery will be a long time coming. We read stories of terrible losses, rescues, neighbor helping neighbor, and amazing deeds of courage. The stories coming out of the storm zone tell of unselfish acts of people of all races, colors, sexual orientations  and    faiths laying  aside their differences to help one another. .What is so amazing to me is that so many  of those who have lost so much are able to express their gratitude. They are grateful despite loss of homes, cars, treasures they have worked hard for. Still they find reasons to be grateful. Maybe we need to do the same. Grateful that another day will dawn. Grateful for loved ones still near us. Grateful for the clean fresh air we breathe. Just grateful!


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imageThe storm has moved on, the sun is shining, and for most of us life will go back to normal. For all those unfortunate people affected by Hurricane Harvey, it will be a long tough struggle. For days we’ve been glued to the television screen, hoping and praying for loved ones and being amazed at the force of nature. Who would believe more than four feet of rain over a few days time? We’ve wept along with friends whose homes are so badly damaged they may never return. We’ve seen favorite vacation spots blown away and we’ve wondered would it ever end. What has been noted over and over, though, is the kindness, the sharing, the rescues and offers of food and shelter for people of all races and religions.

My son was in danger for a while, and we’ve been relieved to hear they are o.k., but I can’t help thinking of all those who are not all right. I’m seeing a wonderful outpouring of generosity from all over the country, and somehow I know our people will survive. They’ll do whatever it takes to help one another dry out, pick up and start again. Because that’s what we do. God bless us, every one!

When the Storms of Life are Raging, Stand by Me

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Hurricane Harvey has been hanging over Texas for three days and the devastation is unbelievable! We here in the Hill Country have had a lot of rain, but folks east of here are in real distress. We’ve been glued to the television and praying continually for those who’ve lost everything in this disaster. Nature can be merciless. To all our loved ones and friends , our prayers and love surround you. Be safe!

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