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And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

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imageI will confess that watching the evening news tends to be depressing. Headlines like: “worst case of child abuse in history,” “officials caught in sexual abuse ,” “forest fires destroy hundreds of homes” can burn into my brain. One can get caught up in man’s inhumanity to man. And then out of nowhere I will see a little one  extend a helping hand to an old person, or observe how much delight  can be found in jumping in a mud puddle, and I realize that hope is born anew.  The little guy in Sunday school who can’t sit still but is always ready with a hug  and a kiss, the neighbor’s grandchild who wants to come and visit, these are the things that gives me hope. When I look for a subject to paint, I see strength and wisdom in the old, but joy, hope and love in the young. I hope you like AnaLin. The little pastel painting in available online:

Sweeter than Honey

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imageWhen painting on a daily basis, sometimes inspiration is hard to find. This precious little girl with her new flowered dress and freckles, just stole my heart. I’m showing these in my new gallery,  Thank you for visiting!

The Eyes of a Child

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image.jpegI have had children in my classroom from four to ninety four, and it’s the young ones I enjoy the most. They are not judgmental or hypercritical. They paint and draw, color, cut and paste, and just enjoy the journey. Nobody tells them that shade of green isn’t true to the color of the cat they just painted. In their eyes it’s a happy color and that’s what matters. I wish more of us would do that. Why not paint a tree with purple leaves, or a pink cow munching on blue grass? One of my adult students, painting plein aire on a beautiful spring day, decided to do her entire piece in oranges and purples. It was lovely! So the word today is look at the world through the eyes of a child. Being creative means to free up those rules that restrict us. Color that sky yellow and see what a day brightener that can be. Don’t forget to have fun along the way. Life is full of dark colors. Lighten it up a bit! By the way, this painting is available at Under artists, type S. E. Bland and you should be able to visit my gallery!Thank you for following me.

Bless the Children

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image.jpegThe other day, we had some chores to take care of. Among them was a trip to the driver’s license bureau to renew Papa’s license. I thought I knew where to go but road construction and a confused Google turned a half hour trip into a much longer ride, with lots of frustration  on the menu. When we finally arrived, we drew ticket number 50, a long wait. As we sat there, I noticed this little guy about two years old. His mom and older brother were busy with their iPhones, so he was looking for entertainment. First he wrinkled his nose, then he nudged my foot, and soon we were exchanging high fives. His black curly hair was caught up in a topknot, and his eyes were incredibly dark and beautiful. In a remarkably short time we were finished and ready to go. I asked his mother permission to photograph him, and she took him out in the sun to get a good photo. I’m really new at portraits so it was with some trepidation that I sat down to paint Little Ocean. Good things happened. Both his mom and I were happy with his portrait, and a beautiful memory emerged from a dreaded errand. See how that works? When we show up and open up, life hands us a beautiful moment. Try it, you’ll like it!

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