Painting glassware is fun and easy. I promised to share this technique with my friends. I hope it makes sense to you.

Starting with a watercolor brush, about 1 inch wide, apply a base coat of acrylic paint mixed half and half with a polymer gloss medium.

I used a mixture of Burnt Sienna and White, twirling the glass as I hold the brush steady.

Margarita glasses are easy to paint, too!

A second coat to add some value begins to look like Southwestern Desert country – maybe some mountains?

Adding some Cobalt Blue and White, paint in the sky. Water goblets look beautiful as gifts, also. Using a small brush, add in some detail. The darker shading is making the mountains look more dimensional. You could use Burnt Umber for this.

Keep away from the rim, and remember always to mix the gloss medium in with your paint!

A little bit of Bright Gold adds a good deal of beauty.

A mix of Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium and White make a nice neutral desert foreground. Adding a little Bright Gold to the clouds is a nice touch.

A large vase makes a nice gift, too! Be sure and put a minimum of two coats of Gloss Medium over all your paint to seal it. Let each coat dry thoroughly, handle with care. No dishwashers, and no soaking in hot water. Your beautiful glassware will last for a long time with a little TLC!


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