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There’s Something About a Sunrise

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A South Texas sunrise always feeds my soul. Even a cloudy, foggy, rainy day is full of promise, but I especially love the sunrises when we have color. Once a friend told me she’d never seen a yellow sky. That evening, we had a storm, followed by the most beautiful yellow sunset I’d ever seen! Whether, red, orange, yellow, purple, even a bit of turquoise dawns outside my window, I’m waiting for it. This little piece, done in pastels, reminds me that no matter how dark the night, morning will come. And if you’re lucky, it will be gifting you with all the colors of a Master Painter. Look for it and remember to be grateful for those good things of life we often take for granted! This little 8 x 10 is available on my new gallery page:

Standing Tall

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imageI’ve often thought when I see a tree standing alone, could a tree be lonely? When all the leaves have fallen off  and there’s nothing left but a dead branch or two,  does it feel the loss? Standing alone in the middle of a field, do memories of sweet green new growth make that tree yearn for days gone by? Or does that tree just bask  in the freedom to stand tall, feel the wind and the sun and rejoice in the knowing that despite it all, with roots reaching deep into the good earth,  the tree still stands. This painting is available on my new gallery site:

An Altar to the Ancients

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You just never know where a painting is going to take you! A few years ago, a group of artists were invited to turn little wooden boxes into altars  for a show benefiting a good cause. I had previously painted the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi of Frijoles Canyon, so decided to replicate that scene for my altar. The tiny ladder was made of twigs from my yard and I had woven the tiny basket just for fun a few years before. As I was laying out this little diorama, a friend found a hummingbird nest and egg in his yard and brought it to me. I still think it’s one of the finest pieces of work I ever did. Maybe I had more than a little help!

Where I Want to Be

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imageIt’s ninety plus degrees out on my deck, and much as I love my home, I’m spending this Sunday afternoon dreaming of far away places. The Rio Grande flows through some mighty pretty country, and I seem to recall some place north of Santa Fe where the river and rocks come together. I painted this a while back , just feeling nostalgic for a pretty place and time. Hope you are having a laid back day and maybe traveling someplace nice in your day dreams. I’m posting this for sale at my gallery, if you are interested. Look for S. E. Bland. Thanks for stopping by!

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