Catching Up

We’ve all been led into a new normal during this challenging time, and I have realized how much we need each other if we’re to come out on the other side with some degree of sanity. For weeks and months, like the rest of you, I’ve spent this time without family, friends, familiar routines, IContinue reading “Catching Up”

This is How We Roll!

Our ages range from 59 to 80 (am I really the oldest?) and we are on our way. Casting doubts and fears aside, we have one goal: to have a good time. We had our mannies  and pedis (except for Drew), colored our hair,   grabbed our coffees and descended on Austin airport. Southwest AirlinesContinue reading “This is How We Roll!”

Never Stop Dreaming!

Photo courtesy of Fon Thayer-Ulrich Earlier this year on my 80th birthday, a group of my friends surprised me with a fun-filled celebration of life. Known as THE ART CHIX and THE DUDES, our group is composed of amazingly creative people who paint, draw, sculpt, write and drink a little wine together now and then.Continue reading “Never Stop Dreaming!”


I’m pleased to check another item off my bucket list!  Among my many dreams has always been a desire to write a book. This one, just released, is full of original watercolors, acrylic and pastel paintings, more than fifty of them, which I did over the past year. As a bonus I’ve added some reflectionsContinue reading “Reflections”

In a Thumbnail

In preparing for today’s class, I was pondering over the fact that some of us were having trouble with our plein aire paintings. Searching the Internet soon revealed I’d been leaving out one very critical piece of advice. Every workshop teacher I’ve ever had has begun each session with a thumbnail sketch – sometimes moreContinue reading “In a Thumbnail”

Sitting on the Riverbank

I’ve studied under several plein aire artists: Michael Chesley Johnson of Campobello Island, and William Scott Jennings in Sedona, Arizona –  numerous online painters, and countless videos and DVD’s. These guys paint in subzero weather and desert thunderstorms. Not me! In New Brunswick, I’m the old lady who left the workshop when the rain wasContinue reading “Sitting on the Riverbank”

Light Shining in the Darkness

I believe that we all have seasons of the soul, just as nature has its seasons. As artists, we lie fallow sometimes, waiting for the time when a seed will fall into the cold soil, take hold and begin slowly to grow into something we can till and nurture and maybe even harvest.  Our livesContinue reading “Light Shining in the Darkness”