About Why I do what I do.

One thing I have discovered about writing anything: people you like will like what you have to say. Others could care less, but if they aren’t people you like, what difference does it make? I have found that most of my friends, students, acquaintances, want to see what makes an artist tick. It’s like they think maybe something magic is taking place, and maybe it is. I watch a musician play notes on the guitar and I think: “No way will my fingers move like that.” The truth is, my musical friends were not born with fingers knowing how to strum the right chords. That pianist was not born, probably, with the ability to hit the right notes. The whole learning process is just like riding a bicycle – you practice! When you find the longing to draw or to paint, to dance or to sing, I really think that is what must come first – then you practice. You fall off, you get back on. You fail, or goof up a painting and paint it out and start all over, but the most important thing is no matter how foolish you feel, you keep on!

That’s what these blogs are about: the process. Being willing to look stupid, or egotistical, or even just a bit whacky, so that others might be encouraged to step out and try. I’ll take that risk. Travel along with me. Enjoy the process, and if I can encourage you to find the passion I have found, it is worth the risk!


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