This Day Doesn’t Count

imageIt is my sincere belief that a day spent painting outdoors does not count against your allotted time on this earth. I believe the Master Timekeeper just smiles and turns your clock back a day when you spend it in the shade of a huge old cypress tree on the bank of a Texas Hill Country creek. Today my friends and I loaded up our paints, some crackers, salami, apples and cheese (and a few M & M’s, but who’s telling?) and headed out to the Blue Hole in Wimberley. This lovely little park right at the edge of town, is exquisite! With the kids in  school and the water too cold to swim, it’s the perfect spot to sit and reflect, if you’ll pardon the pun. We spent a delightful few hours just enjoying the quiet and the peace. I hope you like my little study. It is available online at:

4 Responses to “This Day Doesn’t Count”

  1. Kathleen Gustafson Says:

    I love your art!I love your writing!I love you!


  2. Drew Carpenter Says:

    It was great and you and Sherry got great paintings. Mine will just be a little delayed.


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