Something About A Sunday


The sun is going down over my green valley. I’ve been to church, made the customary visit to the nursing home where my brother in law resides, had a nice long nap, and now that Sunday evening feeling is coming to visit.. You may know that feeling – not exactly sad, but a bit nostalgic for what was and is no longer. Memories come flooding back, thoughts of people and places that have meant a lot to me, and I feel grateful for what has been, but also a need for just a little bit more. Ever had that feeling? As the birthdays pile up, I realize how really blessed I have been. I’m also greedy. I want just a little bit of a second servicing. When that feeling comes over me, I usually put on some music, pour a cup of coffee or glass of wine and dream. Today the dream is to make one more trip – maybe take some buddies, pack up my easel and go – to paint beside the ocean, watch the sun go down and appreciate the beauty that is our homeland. Come along with me, if only in your dreams! This large painting is available at my new gallery: <a target=”_blank” style=”padding: 5px; font-weight: bold; color: #1e477a;” href=”″>Buy with PayPal</a>

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