The Three Fountains of Fun


In my classroom, we have one very firm rule: you must have fun! I tell old and young alike that if you can’t have fun why waste your time? Life is short, chaotic, full of challenges, doubts and fears. Why ever would you bring that into the studio? Colors, textures, forms, lines, brush strokes, what’s not to like? Approaching a blank canvas should be like sitting down to a huge banquet in your honor – the food is ready to be placed before you, and you dive in with anticipation! Why should you not approach your art with the same sense of awe? Nobody else in the whole universe holds your ideas, your dreams, your inspiration. Having a bad day? Paint it out in dark colors! Having a good day? Put it down for everyone to see and rejoice with you.  Being creative is one of the finest gifts The Creator could give you. Take advantage of it, and remember to feel the joy. That’s my word of wisdom for today!

3 Responses to “The Three Fountains of Fun”

  1. Kathleen Gustafson Says:

    I guess it all depends on your perspective………………….just sayin’


  2. Drew Carpenter Says:

    I love that analogy. It’s taken me a while to learn to enjoy the process rather than just the finished product.


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