When the Spirit Moves You


An interesting thing about artists, I have observed, is that they learn over time to go with the flow. When I began this painting as a demo at a workshop, I planned a Georgia O’Keefe type red blossom, sort of “in your face” with a black center and a beige background. I even blocked it in and stood back admiring my work. I didn’t like it even a little bit! So I painted over it with gesso and began to let my muse take over. First I felt the rolling waves, then the wind pushing the clouds around. Suddenly these little spirits appeared and I just relaxed and enjoyed the process. I don’t know where these figures come from or why. I just have learned to greet them with joy. I call this one “Rebirth” it appears on my daily works page at http://www.dailypaintworks.com, under my S. E. Bland paint name.

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  1. Drew Carpenter Says:

    Love it!


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