Grins and Groans

image.jpegDisclaimer: This is not a self portrait. “Granny” is an image I found and painting her toothless grin made me smile. I need to smile. In the life of an artist there are days, sometimes several in a row, when we wonder why are we doing this? We could be sitting under a palm tree somewhere sipping a mint julep. Instead we are huddled over an easel muttering insanely and accomplishing nothing! This has been one of those days. Despite my promise to publish a new painting every day, today’s work will never be proudly displayed. In fact it might be fuel for my chiminea and that mint julep sounds better all the time.
After running errands all morning I really looked forward to a little studio time. I put some Patsy Cline on the boom box, poured a nice iced coffee and set to work. Two hours later I have a painting of a blue eyed monster. One eye is bigger than it should be, her sweet smile has turned into a snarl and I’m pretty sure the demons of doubt are dancing gleefully. What’s an artist to do? I’ll share what I plan to do. I am burying today’s work face down, grabbing a good book and walking away. Tomorrow is another day. I’ll try again. And if it isn’t right, I’ll lay it aside and come back another day. There’s no use beating up on myself. I gave it a try. I just have to accept that there are days like this. The milk will spill, the cake will fall, the cat will throw up on the carpet. Get over it, I tell myself. Stomp off in a snit and come back tomorrow. See you then, maybe!

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