Looking Back

Some of my best evenings are spent sitting on my deck with my husband of sixty one years, playing “Remember when?” Because we grew up in the same town we share some common friends. He is older than I which I gleefully remind him, and we didn’t go to school together. Still, we have history. We remember the good teachers, the people who meant something to us, and we play at remembering Main Street, our old grade schools and common experiences. Looking back with fondness fills a void created when the former generation passes away. It softens the edges of grief and pain, and the happy memories cancel out the not so good ones. However, it seems to me that older people need to remember that there is tomorrow. The past is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet, so maybe what is important is right now! That hummingbird at my feeder, the hibiscus which finally bloomed, the sunset after a shower, these are memories in the making! It’s good to pull open that drawer full of memories, and it’s good to look forward to the future, but let’s remember that we are here, now, and if we look for it, good is here too. Take the time to visit a friend, smell the flower blooming right outside your door, or hug somebody near you. Today belongs to you. Enjoy it!

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