Another Day Another Flower

The most exciting words an artist can hear are: “Is this for sale?” Appreciation is wonderful and we are delighted when someone admires our work, but the real shot of adrenaline comes when someone says “I want it!” There are long dry spells when the creative juices begin to sour and we wonder why we do this (as if we have any control over these muses!) We show up and we work through debilitating moments of doubt. We fight off the “never good enough” demons and we use our paintbrushes like weapons to overcome that lack of confidence. And then one day a miracle happens. Someone wants our work! I don’t believe an artist ever wants to sit down and create just to sell. We paint or draw or photograph primarily because we must. Good days or bad we feel the need to try new things, to explore and say “what if?” We never know if our work will languish in the attic and be sold in an estate sale when we’re gone, but we keep on showing up. And then that amazing moment comes! Someone, not a friend or relative helping out, but that amazing someone we never met, likes our work! And it feels so good! I tell my students to paint what makes them happy because they may be looking at it for a long time. Still, it’s really neat to tell my friend at the post office that I’ve sold another painting.

3 Responses to “Another Day Another Flower”

  1. Drew Carpenter Says:

    Yes, we have to try to please ourselves with our art but we always hope that it will please others as well.


  2. Truth, right from your heart!


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