DREAM IT, THEN SCHEME IT – Dreams Can Come True!


Schoodic Point, Winter Harbor, Me.

One of the joys of growing older is the realization that if you want to do something, you’d better do it now! Sometimes this means taking some risks, facing some challenges and knowing that today is the day you should follow through on those “somedays” you have dreamed about. A little bout with cancer makes you understand tomorrow is not promised!

I will confess, when I enrolled in a plein aire painting class with Michael Chesley Johnson, that my self confidence was a little lacking. And the thought of negotiating airports, baggage, driving on strange roads and being able to hold up my end of the painting assignment itself filled me with trepidation. At 76, you don’t get many chances to do these things, so I just decided to make some memories.

The people at Southwest Airlines could not have been more helpful. They brought wheelchairs for both my husband and me, handled our baggage, and saw that we got to our car rental with absolutely no problems. When both you and your husband are worriers, that’s a major blessing! Arriving in Portland in a driving rainstorm (you Texas folks don’t know what that looks like), we headed north for a 169 mile drive to Sullivan, Maine. We arrived at sunset, and the colors over Frenchman’s Bay were amazing. Of course my camera was in the trunk. The 200 year old house and its lovely bedroom suite was warm and inviting. There was even a light on in our window! The hostess, Lee Giardino, could not have been more welcoming. It felt like going home to my grandmother’s!


It really was hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact this house was already 32 years old when the Declaration of Independence was signed! And over 100 years old when Texas became a state! Lee had some interesting history of the house and made us feel completely at home, even opening her kitchen for us and inviting us to raid her pantry and refrigerator. The Keurig coffee pot was always available, and all our doubts began to disappear. This was going to be fun!

Thursday morning, we slept in and John discovered an amazing old library full of books both current and from the past. He spent the next five days hanging out with an 1884 edition of “Life on the Mississippi,” by Mark Twain, while I went all over the area just enjoying the sights and scouting out painting locations.

Sullivan is half way between Bar Harbor and Schoodic Peninsula, and Lee advised that Schoodic Point was the place to go see wave action.

Lee was right – jutting out into the Atlantic near the town of Winter Harbor, this was one of the loveliest places I have ever seen! Sitting on these rocks at 7:00 in the morning, while the shadows are long, is an artist’s dream. I did wish I had paid attention to the advice someone gave me about bug spray. The mosquitoes were so large and so numerous, they were debating whether to carry me out to sea or eat me on the rocks. Still, I managed to get a pretty good study and learned a bit about the properties of painting in oils plein aire. For one thing, you can begin to muddy your painting after a short time. I decided this was a good time to go find some bug spray. Good old Walmart came through for me, and I went back to my room tired but happy. Maybe I can feel comfortable in the workshop, after all!


I’m pretty pleased with this one. Tomorrow, I’ll try again. Thank you Lord for this beautiful day!DAY ONE SCHOODIC POINT C


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