Part of the joy of teaching is the learning that comes along with it. For the past three years, I have been moving more and more into a teaching situation. I am now realizing that while I have less time at my own easel, I have grown to appreciate the joy in seeing others become caught up in this obsession called “art!” Deciding only yesterday on a name for my classes, workshops, retreats and arts encounters, I have decided that “S. E. BLAND’S JOY OF ART SCHOOL” might be a fine title! While weekly classes are wonderful for encouraging new students, I have found that one-day workshops are great ways to show rank beginners that they too can produce good results. In October, I offered a class for beginning artists, none of whom had worked with paints before.

My deck was inviting, we had a great breakfast with blueberry pancakes, cheesy eggs, fruit salad and drinks, so that everyone was relaxed when we began. deck low resI wrapped the art supplies in gift wrapping, to make each artist aware of the gift of time they were giving to themselves.


TREAT YOURSELF LOW RESHere are some of the beautiful paintings that emerged after only a few hours of painting!

ASHLYN HENSLEE LOW RESPainted by an eleven year old girl, I was amazed at how she loved mixing colors. Her mother had to drag her away at the end of the day!

My granddaughter, Cheryl, created this calm and placid scene:the birds low res


FIELD OF WHEAT LOW RESMy son in law, who had never held a brush, created textures and colors that I would not have expected. He also, on his own, captured his favorite fishing spot.



He had been painting for a total of three hours when he started this one, and I love the movement of the water.


John’s “Red Rock Country” just blew me away. To see four people, two young women under 16, and two men over 50, create such beauty on their first try, made me realize that making art really is a joyful process, for all concerned!

My next workshop, “DANCING (AND PAINTING) TO THE MUSIC” will be coming up soon. Look for it!

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  1. Laura Lerond Says:

    HELLO! I have been thinking about you and even found your phone number. So good to hear that you are active. Not having heard anything for a long while, I was worried that you weren’t well. These pictures are phenomenal!! you are a great teacher as well.
    I have even been thinking about those three pictures that I started and left way incomplete. Is it getting too warm already to have a weekend with Sophia? Love, Laura


    • Hey, good to hear from you! We need a catchup time, now before it gets too hot. Sunday is Mother’s day, but the next weekend is free. Sophia would love some attention!


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