DAY THREE: Going Over the Edge

Warming up the sky

DAY THREE: I like to prepare my students for that inevitable day when you truly do not like your work. Now that I’ve passed over that plateau, the painting is beginning to help me along. It is impossible to describe the sensation that your work is speaking to you. People think you’ve gone over the edge, but it is true! There is a point when you know this is going to be something you love, and there are little voices in your head saying: “Warm this up,” or “Take that out.” It really is amazing and something I’ve heard from other artists. Soooooooooo, if I’m going crazy, I won’t get there alone!

Today, I felt the painting really needed to be warmed up, so I started adding more yellow, mixed with white, to brighten the sky.


Not bad, now let’s put some light in the water! Using the same color mix: yellow and white, with a little gel medium for shine, I began adding light strokes on the right side of the water.

DAY THREE 3 low res

The left side, under the rocks, should be darker for contrast, and I want more reflection in the water, so I mix ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, some white, and lightly add this mixture to make more reflection in the water on the left.


The colors really are beginning to captivate me. I want to begin to put more movement in the water, so I brush, over and over, streaks of yellow and white, then blue, yellow, red and white to make the waves slowly begin to appear.

I know I am far from finished, but I prop the painting up near my bed so I can study it and plan the next session. Hope you’re still enjoying watching paint dry!


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