DAY FOUR 1 low res
It’s really fun when I begin to see the painting resembling what I had in mind. Mixing the blue, yellow, red and burnt sienna, I create a sandy mix that I paint into the foreground.

Now I want to try to bring the tidepool in and show the reflection of the setting sun – something I haven’t tried before. Studying my reference photo, I realize I need to mix a light peach/brown color, so using cadmium red light, cadmium yellow medium, titanium white and lots of gel gloss medium, I paint the area where the waterline washes gently over the sand in the foreground.


DAY FOUR 2 low res

I like that. I use the same light color mixture on the right side of the water, showing the sunlight reflecting on that side.


DAY FOUR 4 3 low res

Mixing ultramarine blue, white and a little burnt sienna, I paint some cooler colors under the rock on the right side and working down, glaze more of the cool colors to blend with the warmer ones.


DAY FOUR 5 low resNow for the fun. Loading a 1″ watercolor brush with white, gloss medium and a little yellow, I drag the side of my brush across, creating some gentle wave action. I think the painting is beginning to take shape. Using the same white with a little blue and gloss medium I drag some cooler waves across from the left. This painting is easy and fun to do. Next time, we’ll work on the rocks. They look a little like sharks at the moment, but we’ll fix that. I think I’m going to like this picture!

DAY FOUR6 low res


4 Responses to “DAY FOUR – INTO THE WATER”

  1. Sherry Humphreys Says:

    Lady, this is AWESOME!! I am so impressed. Sign it and submit to UTHSC Psych Dept. So proud of you!! You did it in FOUR Days!!!!!


    Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 00:06:59 +0000 To:


  2. Shirley,

    When i saw the second picture you posted on this day I could all the sudden see the water moving. Something about that white on the tips. Looks great!


    • Thank you, I am really having a good time with this one. I love the colors and think it will look great over my fireplace! It was a beautiful memory of that afternoon in Oregon!


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