DAY TWO – It’s Not All Bad

Day Two 003 low res
DAY TWO: I thought about the composition a lot last night, and think the rock on the right is just too much. I am going to paint over it. That’s what I love about acrylics!
Day Two 006 low res

(Half of yesterday’s blog was lost somewhere in the black hole. Hopefully I can finish and save the rest of the work this time.)

Maybe I’ll leave the rock on the right hidden in the fog and accent the one on the left. Time to add some color to the water – using the same blue mixture, I add a little cad yellow medium to make it more interesting. I like the color mix.

Day Two 009 low res

I’ve lightened the sky and put more color in the clouds – I think this is working.

Now I feel brave enough to work on the rocks. I add several smaller rocks, using burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, nickel azo gold and a little alizarin crimson.

Day Two 014 low res

I think I’ve got a good start – the colors are pleasing, the reflections are beginning to work, and it’s wine time. Enough for this day!



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