Quite some time ago, I vowed to paint (and blog) a painting a day. That lasted for a short time, but life has a way of interfering with what we’d really like to do. Last February, a routine mammogram changed my plans. Like one woman in eight, I found I had breast cancer. As cancers go, it was pretty small, but two surgeries, ten days of radiation and other minor indignities (did you know they actually paint your breast blue and write ‘yes’ on it?), left me with little energy to paint, or to post my blogs.

However, in September, 2012, my husband and I flew to Oregon and spent a week on the beautiful Pacific coast, enjoying the fog and the mist and the cool air. On our last day there, the sun finally came out and gave us a beautiful evening to remember.

So, with a new year and a blank canvas, I plan to get back in the studio and try to create something magical: a memory I can share of one of America’s most beautiful places. I hope you will enjoy the progress of this painting, and that you will follow along as I try, step by step, to take you with me on this journey!


2 Responses to “A FRESH START”

  1. Lucy Trice Says:

    God bless you – am looking forward to this painting!!


    • I’ve had a good session today, but have reached that big hangup now, whether to go forward or paint over. There’s always a love/hate relationship going on, and I’m battling that right now!


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