This summer has been a bummer, and no pun intended! From the loss of an old and dear friend in June to the unexpected death of a cherished four legged constant companion, with all kinds of bad news in between, I’ve begun to wonder if my lucky star has burnt out! Coming home from that last trip to the vet’s office the other day, I heard a song on the Christian radio station with these lyrics: “I just want You to hold me,” and I realized that’s what we all want at times. Not advice, not a lot of cheer-up hollow words, just that one faithful Friend who will come and hold us.

With tears still in my eyes, I went into my studio and sketched out an image:

Normally from this point, it’s pretty easy to add some clothes and skin tone and begin to see the painting emerge:

Yeah, I’m beginning to see the mood, a bit hazy, but it’s a start. Now what kind of background would portray the emotions? Hopelessness, despair, a pit? That’s it, deep down in the low places, can’t go any lower! You’ve been there, too, right?Well, maybe, but perhaps a bit more detail on the rocks.

Somehow the water doesn’t belong here, and the rocks are too warm. we need to put the figures back into a hollow in the rocks, take out the water and make this picture cooler.

This painting may not be finished. I’m not sure it ever will be, or even that I care – I think I accomplished the goal- showing through my art the feeling that there IS always Someone who cares – maybe those walls are still there, and the sun isn’t able to reach down this far, but that little person isn’t alone – and isn’t that what it’s all about?


2 Responses to “I JUST WANT YOU TO HOLD ME”

  1. Love it!!


  2. Linda Grissom Says:

    Lovely, Shirley and it expressed your mood so well. It’s wonderful that you have your art to release those feelings.
    Linda G.


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