THE TEMPEST IS RAGING, or Pardon me, Madam, Your Mood is Showing!

Have you ever had one of those days? You know the ones I mean, when everything goes wrong and you would go back to bed and pull the covers over your head, only that option is not offered to you? I can now laugh about it, but a few weeks ago, I felt nothing but “Put upon” or as we said in the old days, very adapted! To make a long story short, I was hurt physically, emotionally and financially, and was not a happy camper.

Still, I had a lesson to prepare, so sat myself down to paint a calm, soothing seascape. First, I painted a warm tonal background, using leftover beige paint from a prior session.

Next, using Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red Light and Titanium White, I painted in a background, sky and water. I added a bit of blue to make the horizon line.

To that mixture, I added more red and blue to make a darker color for the rocks.

Using loose strokes, I painted in some rocks.

Mixing in a little cadium yellow, I made the sand color. I blended it up into the water to create some tidepools.

Returning to the water, I made a green with the blue and yellow and muted with red to establish where the waves will break. I paint loose lazy x’s in the water, bringing some broken color into the shallow water, too.

I began painting a lump in the middle, thinking the main wave would begin to break just before the water hits the beach.

Mixing white and yellow with the existing wave color, I paint an oval, where the light will begin to shine through.

By putting a darker line across the top, and dragging white shapes down over the wave, I begin to see action in the water. Next, begin filling in the rest of the water behind the wave with big lazy x’s, then gently dab in some white for interest.

By mixing white, yellow and red, I make a peach color for clouds and to show light through the largest wave.

With a very wet brush, I begin to wash in the clouds and rain. I darken my rocks with the red/blue blend I made earlier.

I add some dark green to the base of my breaking waves, and darken the water in the background to add contrast. (And probably because my mood has not brightened at all!).

I add some pebbles in the foreground, a bit of lighter gray to the large rocks, and a bit more yellow to make the stormclouds look angry. Then, for good measure, I drag some of the wet cloud paint down into the water. Now, I think, my painting is matching my mood, and yep! I feel better.


2 Responses to “THE TEMPEST IS RAGING, or Pardon me, Madam, Your Mood is Showing!”

  1. Thank you. How are you getting along? I think of you often and hope things are going better for you.


  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely…….. you have found your stride again.


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