Amazing Grace and The Healing Power of Art

Where did this come from?

There are times when no words can express how we feel. This painting came about on one such occasion. Depressed, frustrated, angry, disappointed, I went out to my studio in a deep blue mood. I had primed a 36″ square canvas, planning to paint a bouquet of beautiful flowers to hang over my mantel. Instead, I painted the entire canvas flat black. “There! That should properly express my mood,” I thought. As I stood there, I began to doodle, literally, with my paint brush and the following figures appeared.

Uncertain who they were or why I had painted them onto my canvas, I continued, almost waiting to see what my hands were going to do next. I honestly had no plan, no idea, except just to keep on working and see what developed. What was that little lizard like creature kneeling at the bottom of the painting?

As I continued, I began to feel a presence. I can’t tell you how, or why, but I began to be aware that I was not alone in my despair. I began to feel the weight of that anger, the grief and the loneliness disappear. I realized that when I began, I must have been reaching and seeking for an answer. As time went on, I became penitent for the anger I had felt. In fact, the first few hours had given me the title “The Penitent.”

As I continued painting, I realized the figure on the left was a worm, a wretch, an outcast. The dancers were really friends and loved ones, praying for me and supporting me. Then I felt the hand of the Forgiver on my head, and I knew that I was no longer drowning in my emotions. I knew that this painting should be entitled “Amazing Grace!”

P.S. It sold before it ever left my easel. Art is indeed, a very great healer!


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  1. Well, Miss Shirl, seems that You both showed up…..what a collaboration!


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