SPIRIT OF THE EAGLE finally emerges!

Another title for this painting could be THIRTY THREE COATS OF PAINT. Remember “My Name is Mud”? This painting is proof that an abstract painting is, for me at least, much harder than a landscape to paint. Out of respect for your patience, I won’t print the other thirty two photos. Let’s just say that experimental painting, collages with layers and layers of paper, plastic, and modeling paste, finally yielded something I could live with. The colors melded and merged into an image that I like to think resembles an eagle. This painting has taken almost a month, and I have to share with you that at times I thought it would never be finished. Which is another reason for showing up, for keeping on keeping on, even when you don’t know where you’re going!

Last night I saw a one-armed guitarist on television. Yup, this fellow was on the Big Red Show on RFDTV, and he played wonderful music, on a guitar, with only one hand! Kenny Johnson, from West Virginia, lost an arm to polio when he was five. He heard music at church that made him want to learn to play. Nobody would help him, because who can play a guitar with only one hand? Finally, a gentleman in his church took pity on him and taught him some chords. He decided that he was going to make music. He said he’d play with his one hand, and God could play with the other. Check him out – he’s a real inspiration, and the reason I keep preaching: “Show up!” You’ll never know what you can do until you make that leap of faith and try! Kenny’s web site can be found through http://www.shotgunred.com/Kenny%20Johnson%20Web%20page.html


3 Responses to “SPIRIT OF THE EAGLE finally emerges!”

  1. It’s 11 x 14 on watercolor paper. You will see it very soon!


  2. This is gorgeous! I want to see it up close and personal! What are the dimensions?


  3. I can see that eagle too, S.E. Such a fine example of keepin’ on keepin’ on…………


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