More About Showing Up, not Giving up!

Most of us would agree that artists are moody. Even though some of us are better at hiding it than others, the truth is, sometimes we just don’t feel like working. We’re pretty sure that anything we drew, molded, painted, whatever, would just not be worthwhile, in any one’s book. That is the time when I would encourage you to just show up. The one thing that will defeat any artist is giving up. There are days when I am so ashamed of my work that I can’t see a good reason to wet the brush. That’s the time I most need to do something – anything, even if the doubts are overwhelming. I have had paintings that fought me every step of the way, so I understand every one of those feelings. I know, too, that giving up something I love to do is not an option. That’s what happened with the following painting. When I went to Oregon, I had one goal: to find that perfect sunset and paint it. The Creator cooperated – ten days into the trip there was a day of rain and mist, and at sunset, when it cleared, the sunset was unbelievable.

I took a number of photographs, quite sure I could make a gorgeous painting of it. Several weeks and several tries later, I wasn’t so sure. 

I painted over and painted over and finally put the painting away in attic. Fast forward fifteen months later, I brought the painting out and studied it. The blocky, chunky, dull foreground just overwhelmed the beauty of the clouds and the fog rolling in across the sea. Gritting my teeth and loading my brush, I revisited the scene in my mind and spent several days, talking to myself, mixing paint, studying the photos I had taken, and finally after a few colorful words addressed to my painting, I captured the mood I was looking for. The moral here is, move on to something else but don’t give up the original. The passion you felt for that subject is still there and one day if you give it a chance, it’ll show up.


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  1. You’ve been there, you know the mood – somehow we have to just keep on going!


  2. so well intigrted — subject technique and spiritual — mind body spirit — clearly ilustrated picture and word — fran


  3. You did it–It is breathtaking
    Makes me feel —-?


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