The Struggle Continues

Yesterday was a perfect day – lots of time to paint, no commitments, time to get started on a new painting. I have in mind a study in textures and colors, using several types of acrylic paint and media, and after several hours I have a muddy mess. I always tell my students there are no bad paintings, just unfinished ones, and this one definitely fits that category. I have poked, prodded, painted, scraped and textured this one to death. At the moment, I have titled it “MY NAME IS MUD.” So, today I’ll get the gesso, some new papers to apply and try again. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something better to show!

Now, on to the painting for today, and the progression as I painted it:

I started by sketching in the rocks and painting a pale yellow background, using Cadmium Yellow Medium and Titanium White.

The next step was mixing Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow Medium and Raw Sienna. I used Grumbacher paints through this painting.

I then painted in the action of the waves and the shoreline, paying particular attention to the coloration of each wave. This time of studying the photo and trying to duplicate the exact color of the waves is the most valuable. This is where the painting begins to take shape.

Next, I mixed a warm color for the rocks, using Cad Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, and Raw Sienna.

Now I began studying values, adding dark shadows and light highlights on the rocks. The shadows were made by adding more blue to the basic color of the rocks.

The foreground was too vague, so I concentrated on adding more pebbles, shading the little rocks in the foreground, adding ripples with Titanium White, and working a light Yellow Green into the underside of the waves, using Cad Yellow Medium, Phthalo Blue and Ultramarine Blue. I think I am finished.


9 Responses to “The Struggle Continues”

  1. You are too dear. You are my inspiration – when I grow up, I want to be just like you!


  2. shirley — i am so impressed — with the beauty, the comprehension, the insight, the inspiration, — i am amazed but frankly — having the privedge of knowing you, i expect nothing less — fran


  3. I like the “My Name is Mud” painting the way it is as well. To me it looks like a figure pointing a finger. Perhaps the one getting pointed to is “Mud?”


    • Actually, I think it is now entitled Thirty Coats of Paint. I’m still working on it – abstracts to me are much harder to do, but I enjoy the process.


  4. The “Africa” looks terrific. I like it as is. In agreeing with Fon, I am comfortable with calling it finished and hung. The mood and colors are great.


  5. Call me crazy but I really like it. I’m looking forward to the finished product but it is a great start. Actually I’d hang it the way it is.


  6. Looks like a bloody mess to me, but I have high hopes! Maybe for Africa, also!


  7. Looks like a bloody Africa……………perhaps a subconscious political statement………..?


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